IOTA: A Running Estimate

Short-Term Hold

IOTA (MIOTA), [Internet of Things] uses a “tangle” versus a blockchain to record transactions.  A “tangle” uses a spider web type structure when facilitating transaction between individuals. The price is expected to trend upward for the foreseeable future as this new type of cryptocurrency gains in popularity as well as the associated infrastructure enters the market.

Potential Market Outcomes

Outcome #1:  If IOTA continues to gain in popularity and the buyers outnumber sellers, expect the increased demand to lead to increase prices.

Outcome #2:  If IOTA has enough buyers that are short-term investors, they may take profit and sell causing a retracement back to previous structure support levels.

Defensive Recommendation:  Only invest in Iota with what money you can afford to use in short-term investing.

Pre-Trade Posturing: For short-term purchasing, it is recommended that buyers maintain accounts at multiple exchanges to quickly respond to buying and selling opportunities.

Exit Strategy:  If necessary, it is recommended this coin be sold in small transactions to avoid delays in liquidation.

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