Frequently Asked Questions

We are always very interested to know if there are any issues with our website or services. Please see the frequently asked questions section below to address question that may have been asked by other consumers. For all other issues, feel free to visit our Contact Us page and send us a message.

How do I receive updates from the blog?

Consumers can receive updates via e-mail by clicking on the subscription service  located on the sidebar on the CoinRecon Group homepage. The subscription service allows consumers to  to receive updates and other important information to our subscribers. Be sure to check your e-mail spam folders periodically to ensure e-mail updates are not incorrectly filtered as spam.

What type of services do CoinRecon Group provide to consumers?

CoinRecon Group provides many free and subscription service to our consumer that help educate and inform decisions regarding cryptocurrency market activities. Our material is educational in nature and is our expressed opinion based on market information and the synthesis of said information. We are not financial advisors or do not provide investment advise.  Please consult a financial advisors for investment advise.  

How do I contact CoinRecon Group?

Checkout our Contact Us page, outlines many reasons why and how you might want to contact CoinRecon Group. Please allow for 24-48 hours to receive a response. Expect response times to be significantly reduced as we bring new online venues to reach out to our consumers.