Ethereum: A Running Estimate

Long-Term Hold

Ethereum (ETH) is second generation cryptocurrency with faster transaction times than Bitcoin. The Recent increase in price is due to the onset of mainstream popularity and due to the lower cost per unit at present time. Ethereum, like Bitcoin, is available on most exchanges making it highly liquid.  Etherium can also be used as a gateway coin to purchase other alt-coin. Expect Ethereum to increase in price over the next several months to few years with fluctuations along the way.

Potential Market Outcomes

Outcome #1:  If Ethereum continues to gain popularity and the buyers outnumber sellers expect the increased demand to lead to increase prices.

Outcome #2:  If Ethereum has mostly short-term buyers, expect a retracement back to previous structure support levels.

Defensive Recommendation:  Allocate a certain percent of Ethereum for the long-term investing (portfolio dependent).

Pre-Trade Posturing: For short-term purchasing, it is recommended that buyers maintain accounts at multiple exchanges to quickly respond to buying and selling opportunities.

Exit Strategy:  If necessary, it is recommended this coin be sold in small transactions to avoid delays in liquidation.

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