The Cryptocurrency Market and News Information Traps

Avoid the Hype and Speculation

A very significant challenge for any financial market is to find a reliable source of information and avoid information traps. Many websites and personalities claim to offer the key to the kingdom of correct information, or a glimpse into their proverbial crystal ball. In the end, nobody has complete knowledge of the cryptocurrency market. Currently […]

How to Use a Cold Storage Cryptocurrency Wallet

Another Venue to Store Cryptocurrencies

CoinRecon Group acknowledges there are many different ways to store cryptocurrency such as cold, hot, warm, and paper storage. Each storage device has specific requirements and operating instruction. Storage devices are also designed to only store specific types of cryptocurrencies. The sequence of events described below aims to provide readers with a conceptual understanding of […]

Our Perspective on the Cryptocurrency Market Capitalization

Looking Forward to 2018

The development of cryptocurrencies ushered in a new class of digital assets enabling investors to store and transfer value with minimal fees and overhead costs. Based on the growth of the cryptocurrency market between 2017 to early 2018, CoinRecon Group expects 2018 to be turbulent as the market decides winners and losers amongst the competing […]

TRON: A Running Estimate

Long-Term Hold

TRON (TRX), a newly popular cryptocurrency in South Korea and China.  TRON is very underpriced and worth purchasing while it is still offered on few exchanges such as the Binance and HitBTC. Potential Market Outcomes Outcome #1:  price increases quickly over the next year. Outcome #2:  price increases very slowly. Defensive Recommendation:  If the price […]

Cardano: A Running Estimate

Long-Term Hold

Cardano (ADA), was created by an inventor of Ethereum, Charles Hoskinson.  Cardano is a well-developed cryptocurrency that will take several months to be fully employed. Expect over the next twelve months for Cardano software and infrastructure to come online for wide-scale use by consumers. Potential Market Outcomes Outcome #1: The price of Cardano will increase slowly […]

IOTA: A Running Estimate

Short-Term Hold

IOTA (MIOTA), [Internet of Things] uses a “tangle” versus a blockchain to record transactions.  A “tangle” uses a spider web type structure when facilitating transaction between individuals. The price is expected to trend upward for the foreseeable future as this new type of cryptocurrency gains in popularity as well as the associated infrastructure enters the […]

Litecoin: A Running Estimate

Long-Term Hold

Litecoin (LTC), offers faster transactions time than Bitcoin.  Litecoin’s developer claims it is the digital ‘silver’ type currency whereas Bitcoin is the digital gold currency.  The recent price increase is also due to the onset of mainstream popularity and due to the lower per unit cost compared to Bitcoin.  Litecoin will likely increase in price […]

Ethereum: A Running Estimate

Long-Term Hold

Ethereum (ETH) is second generation cryptocurrency with faster transaction times than Bitcoin. The Recent increase in price is due to the onset of mainstream popularity and due to the lower cost per unit at present time. Ethereum, like Bitcoin, is available on most exchanges making it highly liquid.  Etherium can also be used as a […]

Bitcoin: A Running Estimate

Long-Term Hold

Bitcoin (BTC), is the oldest and original cryptocurrency.  The price of Bitcoin continues to trend upward despite steep (upward and downward) price fluctuation.  The rapid upward trend is due to the onset of mainstream adoption, also due to the use of Bitcoin as a purchasing venue from USD into BTC into Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) […]

Four Reasons to Maintain Multiple Exchange Accounts

Gain the tactical advantage by establishing accounts with multiple cryptocurrency exchange service. In this article, we will discuss four reasons for establishing and maintaining accounts with multiple cryptocurrency exchange services. Over the the past year, the cryptocurrency market and related services has taken a great leap forward. New exchanges continue provide new products that address […]