Cardano: A Running Estimate

Long-Term Hold

Cardano (ADA), was created by an inventor of Ethereum, Charles Hoskinson.  Cardano is a well-developed cryptocurrency that will take several months to be fully employed. Expect over the next twelve months for Cardano software and infrastructure to come online for wide-scale use by consumers.

Potential Market Outcomes

Outcome #1: The price of Cardano will increase slowly over the next several months as the software is further developed and increased demand in the market place.

Outcome #2:  A rapid price increase could occur within the next few months due to new features are added to the Cardona protocol.

Defensive Recommendation:  For the next few months, wait for significant price increases as further confirmation as to the general price direction of Cardano.

Pre-Trade Posturing: For short-term purchasing, it is recommended that buyers maintain accounts at multiple exchanges to quickly respond to buying and selling opportunities.

Exit Strategy:  If necessary, it is recommended this coin be sold in small transactions to avoid delays in liquidation.

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